Father Time Auctions in St. Louis; Why Real Estate Auctions Work

A properly advertised and promoted auction will deliver 100% of a property's "present cash market value" 100% of the time, usually with no seller commissions. 

For many types of properties, selling at auction is a powerful, highly effective alternative to traditional real estate brokerage. Where marketing approaches of traditional brokerage firms can last many months or even years, the auction process takes every aspect of effective real estate marketing and dramatically compresses the sales cycle, minimizes carrying costs, and creates a single moment of competitive bidding that determines the property's true market value. 

Auctions are unique events that focus market attention on the property, at the expense of competing properties. Auctions create urgency for buyers who wish to purchase the property, and an absolute buying deadline that did not exist prior to offering the property up at auction. 

Real Market Value 
It's a tough market. Today's buyers are just getting up the nerve to throw their hat into a market that has been unprecedented in volatility. After two years of hearing what a buyer's market it is but being afraid to buy with prices still falling, buyers are getting up the gumption to jump into the market with both feet.

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Auctions provide comfort for the buyer knowing that they are buying at "Fair Market Value" determined by one winning bid increment over another competing bidder. 

Customized Sales Strategies 
Father Time® Auctioneers have earned the Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate Designation AARE from the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute with training in the most up to date real estate marketing and sales strategies available today. 

Detailed Bidder Information Materials
One of the most important reasons sellers utilize real estate auctions is their ability to control the terms of the sale, and sell their property on an "as-is, where-is" basis, or in other ways that make sense as situations dictate. 

And in order for a buyer to feel comfortable enough to purchase a property at auction, the Buyer must be confident that there is ample opportunity to investigate the property thoroughly before competing in active bidding. For every property in every auction, Father Time® Real Estate Auctions prepares a comprehensive Bidder's Information Packet to provide detailed information and earn a buyer's confidence. This is a commitment to the buyer and to the Seller. 

The Auction
A Father Time® auction is a thoroughly professional and unique business event, where no detail is left to chance. Our auctions are designed to be easily understood by bidders, and create a comfortable environment for bidders to make their purchasing decisions. After the gavel drops, the winning party makes an initial deposit and executes the real estate contract. The winning bidder--as well as every auction attendee--comes away from the experience impressed with the professionalism of the event. 

An auction isn't successful if the winning bid doesn't close. We stay fully involved as a liaison between bidder and seller, and assist with any details that guide the sale to a smooth closing. 

To find out how a customized Father Time® real estate auction can help you efficiently and effectively sell your real estate talk with us about your Real Estate for expert guidance. 

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