Auction Method vs Traditional Sale
Benefits of Selling Real Estate at Auction

Selling by Father Time® Method

Sell in 90 days or less. 
-By specifying a date on which you intend to sell, you create a sense of urgency with potential buyers and this becomes a catalyst for the entire sales process.

Focus on your property alone by exclusively showcasing it throughout the marketplace, which will provide maximum visibility among the target market most likely interested in your property. Our experienced marketing professionals, public relations and direct sales efforts will bring your property to the attention of qualified prospects.

Carrying Cost. 
A FatherTime® auction helps you eliminate the costs that erode your equity, and will often net you the highest price possible.

Buyers act on your schedule because you set the date and time of the sale and the terms and conditions such as earnest money deposits, closing time frames and more, thus eliminating negotiations. Potential buyers know you are committed to sale on a specific date, therefore, they do their homework in advance and arrive ready to bid on sale day.

Luxury properties have few 'comparables' upon which to base a true appraisal. Auctions establish the fair market value and eliminate guesswork in determining the asking price. There's no limit on the upside potential.

Close in 30 days or less. 
Father Time® auctions are contingency free, so you'll be able to make plans based on an on-time closing of your property.

Selling by Traditional Sale

-In a slowing market, it's possible that your property will remain on the market for months or even years, leading to price reduction to encourage buyer interest and activity.

Your property will be one of many that is minimally advertised, which creates a heavy reliance on the Multiple Listing Service.

A property that remains on the market for an extended period can become a serious drain on you and your equity. Mortgage payments, maintenance, taxes and insurance can add up to thousands of dollars a month for some properties.

There is less motivation for buyers as you are waiting on them. Plus, you must negotiate all aspects of the sale.

You risk overpricing, and thus seeing little interest, or under pricing and selling for less than the property is worth. The upside potential is limited by the asking price.

If you have ever 'sold' a property contingent on financing or on the sale of the buyer's property or with other common contingencies, you know how difficult and frustrating closing that sale can be. 

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