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We Welcome and Value Broker and Agent Participation

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Real Estate Broker Referral 

Brokers are our Friends at Father Time AuctionsRegister as a Buyer or Seller Representative or Call Rick Bauer at 314-962-4200 to learn more about broker and agent cooperation. 

There are excellent opportunities for Real Estate Professionals to earn profits through auction, the accelerated marketing method for selling, by representing either the buyer or seller of an auction property. Father Time® Auctions encourages the participation of Realtors®, Brokers, and Agents in our auctions. 

With the Father Time® Auction innovative Buyer Broker Program, brokers are able to earn substantial commissions by representing buyers at auction. A commission will be paid to any properly licensed buyer’s broker who registers a successful buyer according to the Broker Participation Guidelines. The compensation of licensed real estate brokers is based on the amount of the written opening bid they secure from their potential buyer. Broker registration forms are available from the Auction Information Center and must be completed and returned no later than 48 hours prior to the auction. 

Should their client be the successful purchaser, they will be paid a percentage of the written opening bid amount submitted 48 hours before the auction, and a percentage of the difference between their clients’ opening bid and the final high winning bid price of their client. Thus, the broker can earn maximum commission only through the submission of a high opening bid. The higher an opening bid, the more commission the broker can earn. In order for a commission to be paid, the client must close on the property(s) and must pay the total contract price for the property(s). 

This program is designed to produce excellent opening offers for our sales and to aid us in conveying many properties before the auction for outstanding prices. Many of our Auction events include broker participation. 

For additional information, please contact the Auction Information Center

Refer a Property for Auction or Register a Buyer 314-962-4200 

Thousands of real estate professionals are earning commissions selling real estate through affiliation with an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional auction firm like Father Time® Auctions. The Auction Method is an effective real estate sales tool designed to provide your client a quick, no-contingency sale with a convenient closing date and the option to set a minimum. A professionally marketed and conducted Auction event will create an unparalleled level of excitement about their property, bringing pre-qualified vested buyers together in direct competition, maximizing the seller’s profit and your commission. Your role as the referring agent will be respected through the entire process. Although they may interact with our staff, the referred seller remains your client. 

If you are ready to be contacted about referring an auction property or register a buyer, please call our Father Time Real Estate Broker, Rick Bauer. 

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