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Help your Friend with a Confidential Referral

Do you know anyone in need of downsizing or selling their possessions, real estate, business because of a change in marital, employment or leisure status?

Maybe a Senior that is relocating or moving.

Maybe an Estate Settlement that requires an Appraisal or liquidation help? 

We'd like to know them, too!

Many of our clients come from recommendations like this.

It allows us to identify those who will benefit most from the FatherTime Auction and Personal Property Appraising experience and solve their problem.. 

Our FatherTime staff is eager to hear from you. Many times, the only way they find out about a particular situation is through a personal referral. 

By recommending a friend in need, you may be changing his or her life for the better. 

Who knows, you may change a life! 

Thanks so much for supporting FatherTime and your friend in this important way. 

See my personal contact information at left for a confidential and free need assessment. 


Rick Bauer, CRTS, CAGA, Auctioneer 
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