Seniors Crushed by Housing Crisis - Unable to Sell their Homes to Finance Care... And what we do to make a difference for Seniors; The Home Sale Solution

Father Time Real Estate Auction Makes Sense for Seniors that Need to Sell Home Now

Many elderly Americans once planned to sell their homes to finance their retirement care. But with both home values and investment portfolios shrinking, Seniors are now struggling to cope.

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As reported in the New York Times, US News and World Report, and elsewhere, many seniors facing the prospect of long term care are unable to pay for their care today owing to the depressed real estate market.

These aren't the classically poor seniors who've traditionally turned to Medicaid under these circumstances.

These are the elderly whose primary homes are their largest store of wealth.

Their plan "A"? To sell that primary home when the time was right and exchange the proceeds from that sale to secure a place in a senior living center or retirement home.

There's a major problem.

Plan "A" doesn't work with the current market.

Facing what is perhaps the worst housing market since the Great Depression...

Most seniors will find it almost impossible to find buyers for their outdated homes. And, with the current glut of unsold houses in many markets, even reducing the asking price may not solve the problem. 

Need for Sale Results Now - Selling "As Is"

Relying on traditional real estate sales methods to sell their existing homes has in many instances failed to produce results. The problem with this strategy, of course, is that elders' homes are frequently antiquated or need substantial repairs and renovations in order to make them marketable. Outdated wallpaper, old appliances and poor maintenance, all characteristic of these houses, often deter buyers. In other words, these homes, which their owners logically considered would be their guarantee of worry-free living virtually indefinitely, are literally unmarketable as-is. 

This is where a real estate auction strategy makes the most sense.

Sell the house "AS IS" to a ready and willing buyer free of contingencies, repairs and sales commissions.

You can trust Father Time® Real Estate Auctions to offer expert guidance, advice and advocacy for your Senior real estate options. 

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