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Certified Transition Specialists and what it means to you with preparing and moving as seniors

CRTS is more than education or training, it is the most recognized symbol of professionalism and standards in move management, senior relocation and senior transition services. 

CRTS is the only third party credential in the industry and is much more than a paid membership or certificate. It is a Professional Designation. It is earned. 

Through accreditation, all CRTS graduates comprise the body of professionals known as the CRTS Registry, This group represents standards of excellence in the field of senior home transition. CRTS standards and eligibility requirements are maintained by the Senior Transition Society Council 

Certified Transition Specialists are dedicated professionals who provide a spectrum of moving and age-in-place services for senior clients, their families and caregivers.

Certified Transition Specialists include many residential service providers including aging services specialists, senior living administrators, home care providers, movers, senior move managers, professional organizers, home staging professionals, Realtors® and more. 

While there is diversity in services, all CRTS professionals: 

* Provide a home assessment to determine client needs. 
* Create transition timetables. 
* Coordinate resources. 
* Perform or supervise sorting, packing, moving, downsizing, organizing and resettlement services. 

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