Become a Preferred Partner of Fathertime Auction & Estate Services

A Program to boost your earning potential...

Fathertime Auctions is looking for serious partnerships. 

Our St Louis, Missouri based FatherTime Auction Service is committed to providing the best Total Customer Experience for our sellers and buyers clients.

Our belief is that our preferred partners will offer an unmatched combination of expertise, credentials, proximity and customized solutions to our joint customers. 

These special relationships help us provide the best service to the clients that we are all seeking. We seek out personal and social service providers, care providers, manufacturers, suppliers and service companies that share our commitment to product excellence and utmost customer service quality. 

The primary goal is to assist our clients in finding the partner with the offering that best suits their needs and that will provide a consistent high level of quality service. 

Our secondary goal is to share highly qualified traffic from our business to yours and vice versa and to develop synergistic marketing programs that leverages our combined resources to promote brand and lead-generation activities for us all. 

How can becoming a Preferred Partner of FatherTime Auctions help my business? 

That's simple. We can all do more together than we can alone.

Much of our business comes from referrals in large part because we offer our clients and partners well defined processes for their needs designed to score high customer satisfaction ratings while achieving a positive rate of return for the preferred partners.

We welcome the opportunity to speak to you.

Besides a placement of business from us to our partners, we offer referral bonuses for projects that are referred to us and become a signed contract for FatherTime Auctions services. 

If you are interested in a partnership with FatherTime Auctions, please contact us today to learn more and to see if you qualify or call us @ 314-962-4200.