Online auctions offer an array of advantages to both the buyer and seller, Father Time Auctions in St. Louis provide's an Introduction

Internet Estate Auction Services from Father Time® provides many advantages and benefits to both Buyers and Sellers of Estate regardless if it is residential, commercial, business or industrial.

Father Time® Online Estate Auctions are Convenient, Secure, Easy and Economical.

Online Estate Auctions is an easy and secure way for more people to participate in the auction of a home, land or commercial property. Technology is advanced such that people can be notified on their cell phones of the bidding. Time is the biggest competitor and by selling online bidders do not need to travel to the sale. Online auctions are convenient. 

Auction Technology Specialists

Father Time Auctioneers have been credentialed as Auction Technology Specialists (ATS) by the National Auctioneers Association, which is the only organization with the credibility to offer auctioneering designations? There are less than 100 people who hold and have earned this designation. What's it mean? That your assets are being sold by trained professionals in online auctions. Professionals who are adapting to advances in technology and meeting the expectations of our clients via the use of the Internet. 

Online Auction Productions

Videos and podcast capabilities give up to date Estate Auction information in a real time setting. Details are better known and a more assured bid can be placed in confidence on the property being auctioned. Secure bidder registration provided by the best encrypted and security measures in the online information environment. These safe guard measures gives peace of mind for buyers and sellers. 

Search Engine Strategies

Search engine optimization, social media optimization, viral marketing is language that is new to a lot of buyers and sellers. The online community will be strongly affected in the presence of a well developed search engine strategy. Pay per click, electronic press releases, optimized photo enhancements and organic optimizations are some of the vehicles that may be used to drive traffic to what is being sold in an online only auction. 

Enhanced Internet Marketing

Conversions are the goal to allow internet surfers to become internet buyers. Proprietary and enhance marketing solutions will allow for the ability to confidently place bids electronically in online only auctions. The goals for the promotion are to allow the bidder to click the advertisement and bid seconds later, the flexibility will not take an extraordinary amount of time from ones daily routine. 

Unique Auction Marketing

The unique auction ID creation and search engine optimization for each action assures maximum exposure for both sellers and buyers to rendezvous at the online auction. 

Statistical Web Analytics

The conversion process can be analyzed with scientific accuracy. Today’s web measurement tools can give specific details of the online auction production. Well received data will aid in the decision making process and the results of click through to conversions with complete drill down information gives all parties involved decision making abilities. 

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