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Condos, Townhomes, Penthouses, Premier Multi-Unit Properties

A Father Time Auction is a proven, reliable, condominium marketing program that will often net you a greater return than an ordinary sales program that requires a year, or more, to sell-out. 

The main goal of Father Time® Auctions is to ensure our client's property receives the utmost exposure, resulting in the greatest response on auction day.

Each auction is designed to meet our Client's needs and typically include online and live open-outcry auction services. 

We have developed a real estate auction recipe that works effectively for Sellers, Buyers, Agents and Brokers says Rick Bauer, managing broker and AARE Auctioneer.

We have brought to Close property that has been listed for many months without any activity with our sale process adds Bauer, a Realtor and GRI. 

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Rick Bauer

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Richard Kloeckener

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Our real estate auctions create action. It bubbles up buyers and causes buyers and sellers to come together. 

• Creates superior separation from competitive developments. 
• Outstanding "Call to Action," motivating buyers to point of decision. 
• Get a jump-start on the competition and sell out your development first. 
• Accomplish entire sell-out in 75 days. 
• Sell all units on a cash, non-contingent, basis. 
• Sell-out all units at today's prices - eliminate uncertainty of future market conditions. 
• Will freeze area sales once your auction campaign has started. 
• Eliminates carrying costs including: marketing, association shortfall, debt service, and staff. 

Real Estate Auctions are a Creditable Agent Sales Resource reports that The National Association of Realtors predicts that by 2010 one-third of all properties sold in the U.S. will be sold at auction. According to the National Association of Auctioneers, real estate auctions are generating $58.6 billion per year and growing as smart, motivated Sellers and Buyers catch on to these quick, clean and fair real estate transactions. 

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