For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Auction

Auctions Are Not a Last Resort

"Where sellers know the day their home will sell and buyers bid in an open marketplace" 
When the word auction is mentioned, many people think either of fine arts or an estate sale. One is a prestigious way to get a very large amount of money for your product, while the other is an attempt to get whatever you can. Selling a home via auction, however, is actually neither of those two extremes. But it will afford you an opportunity to get a good price for your home if you've been unsuccessful using the conventional sales method. Real Estate Auction Video



You will have the right to dictate the minimum price of the sale, also known as a reserve price. If you've already been through the price-dropping process while trying to sell on the open market, you may have settled on a firm price for your home. You have that right. Selling subject to a reserve means that if the bid amounts don't meet the minimum set price, the owner doesn't have to sell the property. 

You also have the option of using an absolute auction. This means that the house will be sold regardless of the dollar amount of the winning bid. It could be your requested price or it could be much lower. Owners who want to be assured of a quick sale may use this type of auction. 

Auctions Draw Attention

You create a market for your property by separating it from competitive homes on the market. Auctions freeze the market. It is almost impossible for properties being conventionally marketed to compete for attention with one being auctioned. 

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Invest only in modest auction advertising exposure. Avoid high holding costs like mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance by achieving a quick, predictable sale. Liability is also an important factor. The sooner the property sells the greater your bottom line dollar. 

Save Time with Ready,Willing,and Able Buyers

Auction bidders must have the money to back up their bids. Selling traditionally, financing may fall through at the last minute, causing a deal to fail. That's not the case with auctions. There is no financing or further negotiation. Bidders must their financing in place before being allowed to bid. Auctioning is a cash-only transaction; the winning bidder is guaranteed to make the purchase 

MLS Auction Property will be listed in the MLS

When appropriate Real Estate is listed in the MLS. 

Auction Convenience

Selling a property by auction eliminates the hassle of unpredictable home showings and having to constantly have your home "show ready". When selling with Father Time® Auctions way, you open your home up for one weekend for home inspection, the weekend of the auction. 

Obtain True Market Value In a Predictable Time Frame

Home value at an auction is demonstrated. Traditional sales set the price and bargain down. The auction process demonstrates the value, then "bargains up". The true market value of a property is the value for which one is willing to sell, and another is willing to buy - it is a meeting of the minds. The bidding method is the only method which determines the true market value of any given property. For this reason, you can rest assured that you will never sell too low at auction. The same cannot be said for the traditional method of selling real estate. 

Competition For Your Home

Urgency to buy is created: Buy this property now or it won't be available later. When the ads start and the signs and banners go up, people know the property will be sold on Auction Day. 

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