Fix it Up Or Sell “AS IS”

Sell “AS IS” free of contingency, close in 28 days, seller might not pay a commission

When you are ready to sell your home, you’ll have some decisions to make. You will need to evaluate what shape the house is in. Do you want to invest any money into the home you are planning to sell?

If you have a home that looks good on the outside, but is tired and worn on the inside, that will affect your selling price as well as the length of time the home sits on the market. 

Your decision to fix up your home or sell it "AS IS" should be based on your reason for selling, as well as the condition of your home. If you want to get the top dollar and are willing to spend some money upgrading your home to reflect contemporary décor, then spending thousands in remodeling may be for you. However, the majority of our senior clients want to sell the home they have lived in for many years just the way it is. 

A few examples of common problems: 

  • A roof in need of repair (shingles are curling)
  • A shifting basement wall or leaky basement
  • Deteriorating siding or brick needing tuck pointing
  • Cracked Concrete, heaved sidewalks
  • An old inefficient furnace
  • An Old Central Air Conditioning Unit or Room Air Conditioners
  • Old Wiring and Electrical Service
  • Leaky and Old Plumbing
  • Drainage Issues


Before you list your home check with us to discuss Selling your Home "AS IS". We will meet with you to evaluate possible problems of the home. Selling "AS IS" is a viable option and sometimes your best course of action. If possible fix the structural defects and if money is not available for this then get estimates and reports from reputable experts who will be respected and believed by buyers. 

A Father Time® Real Estate Auction is not for distressed properties but is a real estate sales method that will 

  • Sell the home quickly "AS IS"
  • To a financially able buyer
  • Free of contingencies or conditions
  • Commissions can be paid or shared with the buyer
  • Closes in 28 days or less

Talk with us. For a free Assessment Contact Rick Bauer, AARE, Realtor, GRI, CRTS, Auctioneer

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Rick Bauer, Realtor, Auctioneer, CAI, AARE, GRI, CES, ATS, BAS, GPPA, CAGA - Certified Distressed Property Experts, CDPE 

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